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There are no copyright problems with simple home recordings, or recordings of your own music or your own band (assuming that you are not going to be selling copies of your own band covering other people's copyrighted works).

We operate the following guidelines when it comes to 'commercial' recordings:

If you own a tape such as the one illustrated here on the left - we will ask you to accept certain restrictions.

Where you have bought a commercially copyrighted tape, we are prepared to make a single copy for you,strictly for your own private use, on the understanding that the tape and CD are treated as one recording. This means that you should not sell or give away one (tape) without including the other (CD). You must also undertake not to copy the CD.

Where a commercial recording has been copied onto a blank tape, such as the one illustrated here, we must regrettably ask you not to send us tapes for converting to CD.

We will not knowingly operate outside of the confines of copyright law

Please note 'fair use' or 'fair dealing' laws in the UK Copyright Law fact sheet from UK Copyright Service.

Get in touch if further clarification is required

Please also take note of our terms of operation on our pricing page.

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