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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do copied/burned CD's have a shelf life?

Yes, it is a point to consider when ordering a cassette to CD conversion, the resulting CD will not be quite as robust as a commercially purchased CD. This is because commercially produced CD's have their data 'stamped' and have protective layers that CDR's simply do not have. this leads neatly onto our next question...

How should I look after my CDR?

Recordings are burnt onto a CDR, please see the question above.

  • Avoid handling the CD surface as much as possible,
  • The disc can be cleaned with a soft lint-free cloth - do not use solvents or protective liquids.
  • Do not place a label on either side of the disc
  • Protect the disc from excessive heat and mositure
  • Do not strike the edge of the disc

If you want to preserve your recordings for a long time, either make a copy and keep it carefully without using it, ask us to supply a copy when you place you order, or ask us about archiving the files we used to make your recording for future copies to be produced.

How can I pay?

currently we accept cheques and postal orders to be sent with your original material, or paypal via emailed invoice

You can pay with Paypal

Can you convert other media - vinyl, reel-to-reel etc..?

Audio cassettes are easy to handle and reasonably safe to post, this is not true of vinyl. Also conversion of vinyl merits the use of higher quality turntables than we currently have access to. We do not currently have reel-to-reel equipment. We have facilities to convert some 'dictafone' tapes if required. Contact us for more details.

Why can I only contact you via email?

Our preferred method of contact is email so that we can deal with correspondence at our convenience. If you are unable to contact us via email, you can text or ring 07523 521259 and leave an answerphone message (O2 mobile 'phone - charges vary according to your 'phone line supplier)

What do I do now?

Very simply submit your requirements and details including your address via our 'contact' page or use the quick contact form in the right-hand side-bar.

In return, we will email you a printable label with a unique number, this is to be placed on the outside of the package in which you send your cassette and payment (unless paying by paypal). We recommend the use of a bubble lined envelope ('jiffy bag') of internal dimensions at least: 170mm x 245mm (for a single cassette). Send by first-class post (free insurance if you get a certificate of posting from your post-office). In some cases, this will be the same package sent back with your CD and original tape. The label with unique number is for once-only use and is issued for immediate use. This system allows us to control the flow of work coming into the studio. At busy periods, there may be a delay before we send your unique reference and posting details (the above estimated package sizes do not apply where more than one cassette is sent).

Where do I send my tapes?

We purposely have not published a postal address, this is to ensure that only authorised tapes are sent in. This procedure enables us to control the flow of material coming into the studio. Each request submitted receives a unique reference number, this number can only be used once, any subsequent order will require a new reference. Repeat orders are naturally encouraged, but we would urge repeat customers NOT to send tapes without prior authorisation. Your co-operation with our authorisation procedure is appreciated. Whilst the submission form is the preferred method of authorisation request, we will respond to email and 'phone requests as promptly as possible.

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